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Welcoming Max's Bars!

by Tom Brown March 15, 2016 2 min read

Welcoming Max's Bars!

Welcoming Max's Protein Bars!

As a growing online retailer, it’s always incredibly rewarding for us to have the opportunity to bring new brands onboard, particularly when they have such humble beginnings and such ambitious goals.

Max’s Bars are a prime example of just that.

“I have always tried to eat healthily, but I have stayed away from protein bars due to their complicated ingredients list, countless E-numbers & unnatural taste. I remember picking one up and being unable to pronounce 90% of the ingredients. My thought process was that they should be a convenient and healthy snack, made using great ingredients: great on the go, after a workout, or in the afternoon while at the desk.“

Max and his brother have both worked in the catering industry, and as such have had an immense interest and enormous appetite for science backed nutrition.

They first presented their homemade bars to the public at Marylebone Fair at nothing more glamorous than a simple market stall. The interest was immediately apparent when the brothers sold out.

However, as any food retailer or budding food entrepreneur will agree, getting from a product made in the home kitchen to being able to produce it at scale is an overwhelming mission.

From this early market test and sell-out day at Marylebone Fair, Max developed the recipe of his first 3 bars. The reigning rule: only natural ingredients and flavours.

These 3 bars have been years worth of work to get to the point that Max was finally able to send us their first samples late last week, made here in the UK.

Each 60g bar packs 17g of whey protein from grass fed cows, nutritious fats largely from coconut oil & nuts rather than hydrogenated oils, are gluten free and completely absent of all artificial preservatives, colourings and flavours. Each bar is 100% natural.

We’re so proud to be one of Max’s Bars earliest retailer partners and in supporting them to grow their brand!

While we haven’t yet got a bountiful supply in stock, you can put your email address in on their product page to receive a notification as soon as they’re in! We’re aiming for early next week :)

To your success, Max!

Visit Max's Bars website: maxbars.co.uk
Instagram: @MaxsProteinBars
Twitter: @MaxsProteinBars

Tom Brown
Tom Brown

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