5% Nutrition bring Two new flavours to the KTCO range 🥥🍫

It's been a year since Rich Piana's supplement company 5% brought us it's Knock The Carb Out Bars. Double Dark Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip graced us with their presence a mere 12 months ago, what a delicious 12 months it has been.

They shall be joined by Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; a staple of any respectable protein bar range, and Chocolate Coconut Almond; an out of the box take on the chocolate flavour. Both high in protein and fat to help compliment the chocolate goodness you'll enjoy.

Cookie Dough rocks up with 16g of protein, 7g net carbs whereas Coconut Almond weighs in with 17g protein and 2g net carbs. Both bars should be making their way to us soon, stay tuned to the site for their arrival!