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5 Protein Breakfast Ideas

by Mike Williams February 26, 2019 2 min read

5 Protein Breakfast Ideas

Ah breakfast, the best meal of the day! Often overlooked as a meal, you may be fasting for example, but the joy of a delicious breakfast is something we should all take part in. 

So how do you make a regular breakfast into a protein breakfast, packed with the goodness and fuel for the day that only protein can give you? Here are five ideas for you to check out and supercharge your mornings.


image courtesy of neilshealthymeals.com

1. Scrambled Egg Whites

With around 3.6g of protein in each egg white, you can't go wrong. Add some veggies into the mix, and you can give yourself a very nice helping of both protein and fibre to get your day rolling. Eggs are so versatile that it is easily the number one food to up your protein breakfast and create a meal you can't wait to devour. Eggs with bacon, eggs with avocado, eggs with toast, the list is endless!


Greek Yoghurt with fruit and nuts


2. Greek Yoghurt With Fruit & Nuts

If you need protein in the morning, Greek yoghurt is an excellent source; 17g of protein per half cup serving, it can't be beaten. Add some fruits, I recommend Blueberries, for some carbohydrates, perhaps some nuts for both added protein and healthy fats.


Salmon on toast


3. Smoked Salmon Or Turkey On Toast

Both great with our good friend the egg but let us not forget how filling, satisfying and nutritious let alone delicious a simple slice of meaty goodness on toast can be. Toast some wholemeal bread, spread on a layer of cream cheese and your favourite choice of meat. You'll have a meal that can power you through whatever your morning has in store.



4. Overnight Oats

So simple and perfect for a wide range of combinations depending on your palette. Soak your oats overnight in almond milk (you can use regular milk if you prefer) as a base, then add some Greek yoghurt into the mix along with any fruits you desire. A choice of flavoured protein powder can also be a great way to change up the underlying flavour of your oats.


Protein Waffles

image courtesy of jenniferbanz.com

5. Protein Waffles

Waffles are delicious, end of. But how about making them into super protein waffles?! Grab your favourite protein powder, a couple of eggs, water and some baking powder, and then away you go. Top them with whatever you like, feeling sweet? Fruits are your weapon of choice. Savoury? Bacon or any meat really will head you off in the right direction. Make your waffles as fun or plain as you like, either way, you're on to a winner.

There you have it, delicious breakfast options for you to try, make your protein breakfast fit for a Queen/King.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams

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