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Thank You All For Helping Us Get Started!

Thank You All For Helping Us Get Started!

Because of each and every one of you that's ordered a box of bars and gone on to tell a friend - we are so deeply indebted.

In the 8 weeks since we launched, we've sold over 2748 Quest Bars!

What's better? We haven't spent a penny on marketing. Truly. And that's been very intentional. This isn't a brag, and the fact we haven't spent anything on marketing means we can keep our prices consistently lower than anyone else. But what did we rely upon? The early adopters that were willing to give us a shot. We made sure to try to go above and beyond on every order, to make asking questions & reaching us if you have concerns beyond easy. And it's paying off - we keep receiving emails and notes from you all thanking us for the fantastic service and all we can say is:

Thank you for giving us a chance!

It's why today, we're announcing our PostedProtein Points program.

We have little intention right now to spend on fancy ads or paid promotions. If our service deserves to be spoken of, then we believe it will be. But we also believe that our most loyal customers and ambassadors should be rewarded for helping us to grow.

As of today, for every friend, colleague, gym partner, sidekick, or the stranger on the street that you refer to us via your unique link, you'll receive 200 points (£2) credit as a reward after they've successfully checked out.

Equally, for every £1 spent with us, you'll be rewarded with points to redeem on future purchases.

We really want to take this opportunity to thank all of you! We set out #OnAQuest of our own to become the leading supplier of Quest Bars (& hopefully soon powders) to the UK as well as many other high-quality nutritional products, and we're quickly achieving that!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


Founder, PostedProtein


P.S. If you already have an account with us, you're all ready to go. We've added the points you would have accrued since your first order already.

Otherwise, to get started head to and click on 'PostedProtein Points' in the lower left corner of the screen.2748 Quest Bars sold!