Bang vs Monster here in the EU 🙈🥊

The legal battles between Bang and Monster have found their way across the pond. With pressure mounting on both sides in the US, here in the EU, a judgement was passed on May 9th 2019 by the Amsterdam District Court.

The suit filed by Monster is made up of several claims including misleading advertising & the use of novel ingredients used in some versions of Bang Energy Drinks: namely "super creatine" which is included in the drinks produced in the USA.

While here at Posted Protein we've never sold or stocked the US version of Bang, a handful of independent stores & resellers did bring in the US version, despite EU food standards. However, with the E.U. version, Bang has been accused of false advertising, a statement which they continue to argue in a press release:

“This European ruling rejecting the same frivolous arguments that Monster is making in the United States, and ordering Monster to pay our legal fees and court costs incurred in defending Monster’s egregious behaviour, correctly confirms that Monster’s ‘reign’ has ended.” – Jack Owoc, VPX CEO.

The court adjudged Monster to be the losing party and ordered Monster to pay VPX, Bang Energy, B.V., and Jack Owoc's court costs and attorneys' fees.

However, what's also mentioned is that the current EU version of Bang Energy must no longer promote L-Arginine & any company selling the current version must cease and desist as of June 10th:

Bang B.V. must cease and desist from selling or promoting products in which “L-Arginine” is featured on the package within one month. The company must also stop using the aforementioned pictogram in marketing and promotion.” – BevNET

What does all of this mean?

In short:

  • Bang containing Super Creatine cannot be sold in the EU (the US formula).
  • Bang in the EU must stop the promotion & sale of cans promoting L-Arginine as of June 10th.

How does this affect our customers?

Unfortunately, given that Bang in Europe must now reproduce all of their cans and redesign their marketing materials, it's going to delay a large production plan that BANG had in the pipeline.

Best estimate as of right now will mean that Bang will not be back in stock in Europe until August.

If you're looking to stock up, you must purchase any & all remaining stock by June 9th as we'll be forced to remove it & cannot sell it to you as of June 10th. 

Right now, we have a minimal number of single cans left & only 17 cases of Lemon Drop remaining. 

Stock up now or regretfully, wait until August at the very earliest to get your hands on Bang in the UK & Europe once again. 😔

Once they're gone, they're gone.