Free Shipping Now £49+

For 18 months we've offered free shipping around the £30 mark (sometimes higher, sometimes lower). However, for all of those orders, we've paid out on average £3 to cover the costs.

£3 x 600* = £1800 per month (we pay on average to cover free shipping)
£1800 x 12 = £21,600 per year

Regrettably, we've had to increase the spending threshold to £49. This might on the surface seem like we're simply trying to boost profits - of course, we'd love that, but it's not the reason behind the increase.

Simply put, if we continue as we grow, we'll begin to struggle. If we're to keep our promise of faster delivery, more competitive prices & excellent customer service, it means we desperately need to hire more staff - which is exactly where we're putting that money!

Not in our pockets, but reinvesting it straight into growing the business & into our staff to provide an even higher level of service for everyone! :D

This little Hampshire-based start-up might be 18 months in, but we're still just getting started. As we continue to extend the range of products available, we must continue to invest in our people & our systems.

We're here for the long term, to innovate & we're here to serve.

If we're not adding value to your life in some small way, we're doing something wrong.

Tom (Chief Everything Officer)

*Average monthly orders.