It's Our 1st Birthday!!

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Posted Protein - It's our 1st Birthday!

It's our 1st Birthday!!

When we started in October 2015, Posted Protein looked very different to how it does today. An enormous amount has changed in 12 months, and we're pressing forward with as much speed as we possibly can to continue to innovate the platform, to bring you more & more brands at highly competitive prices and to improve the entire experience for those that matter to us most - our customers; YOU!

For us, this is the future of food & nutrition as a whole. This industry is moving forward at an incredible rate, and we could not be more excited to be cooperating with manufacturers both small & large to progress the field of nutritional.

There are literally thousands of you that trust us with your orders, that have provided us with hours worth of advice on how to improve & where to go next and let me just say that we do not take a single one of you for granted!

We've had some significant trials & tribulations within those 12 months, and for those that stuck with us through it, it's impossible to express how grateful we are.

We pour every waking minute into improving Posted Protein for you as best that we can, but there's so much more to come!

To the future of nutrition & to our mission of bringing it to you as fast as we possibly can - thank you all!

P.S. To the individual that sent this cake (you know who you are) we bloody love you!