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Know Your Brand: Optimum Nutrition

by Mike Williams July 17, 2019 1 min read

Know Your Brand: Optimum Nutrition

Each week we'll highlight a brand that you may, or may not, have heard of but we think you should know more about.

This week is Optimum Nutrition and as you can see below they've been in the news a lot recently 🙈

Founded in 1986, with state-of-the-art facilities in Middlesbrough, Optimum Nutrition prides itself on taking a hands-on approach to deliver the highest standard of products across its range. Well known for it's worldwide, best selling, Gold Standard 100% Whey and more recently it's Casein powder too; they continue to expand beyond these two well-established products.

Protein Whipped Bites are an on the go protein snack, offering 5 flavours of whipped, fluffy protein goodness. For quite a while, these were the only bar offering from the brand but they have recently stepped up their game with the fantastic ON - Protein Bars, 3 flavours are available but just have the Rocky Road flavour and thank us later 😉 Even more recently they dropped their Protein Crisp Bar range, a deliciously crunchy and crispy texture that comes in 3 flavours that are all worth your time; Chocolate BrownieMarshmallow and Peanut Butter.

Finally, they also launched an RTD, just in case they hadn't launched enough recently! Check it out; if you're not already full from everything else that is.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams

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