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Lost on Protein? The Beginners Guide

Lost on Protein? The Beginners Guide

Whether you have aesthetic fitness goals or are just looking for healthy options on the go, adding more protein into your diet keeps you fuller for longer and can help you towards your fitness goals. 

Your body uses protein to build and repair tissue, and is a macronutrient, meaning your body needs it in larger quantities than a micronutrient (think vitamins and minerals) but we won't go into that right now! 

You still need to be getting a balanced diet with carbs and fats, but adding in protein will help with your fitness goals by keeping you fuller, and repairing what you're working out in the gym.

So what’s what?

Protein Powders 

Sure you've probably heard and seen people downing this with their egg whites (this is optional!).

Protein Powder is easily digestible and versatile, have it as it is with water/milk, or mix it into smoothies, pancakes, brownies, the list goes on. 

It's a quick and easy way to supplement your diet. 

I add it into porridge and make it into pancakes, because there is pretty much every flavour of protein you could ever want out there, and it’s an easy way to sneak more protein in or have it on the go in a shake if you're running out the door.  

Protein Bars

These are perfect on the go and can help you hit calorie and protein goals. 

Keep an eye on the labels and check the calories/carb content if weight loss is your goal; some can contain the same calories as a meal, which isn't ideal if you're treating it as a snack!

Luckily, we list nutrition information with all our products, so you can easily gauge how these can fit into your diet. 

Some taste so amazing it’s hard to believe they won’t derail your good intentions!

Straight Up Protein

They say natural is best, where possible you want to try and get your protein from “real food” so think lean meat, fish, cheeses such as low-fat halloumi or cottage cheese and eggs (yoghurt is a lifesaver for me). 

Low-fat is often great if you are dieting, which means you'll get the volume for fewer calories, just watch the sugar content in low-fat yoghurts.  If in doubt, read the label! Yogurt makes a great evening treat too; I’ll eat it with dates, fruit or sometimes chocolate!

If you're vegetarian or vegan (in which case you’ll want to focus on beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, or consider a vegan protein powder to help you out), there are tons of vegan protein powders around, and they are getting tastier I promise! 

Trust me, I've tried a fair few that tasted so bad I didn't honestly know what to do with them, but those days are long gone! 

We hope you found this little guide helpful!