Nano ä announces a new Protein Pancake: Tasty Blueberry flavour 🥞


Nano ä, the pioneering European brand, has announced it's all new & limited-edition flavour to add to it's existing 4 flavour range:

  • Tasty Blueberry Filling 🥞🍇

While it's a flavour we've been expecting from the start (I mean, who isn't eating blueberry pancakes?! 🙊), we're pleased to announce that it will be landing in the UK and in stock with us from early October. 

This is the second fruit-based flavour from ä, last year they gave us Peach, while earlier this year they delivered Caramel on top of all new formulations for Chocolate & Vanilla. 

That's on top of last month's release of ä's all-new Protein Cakes!

These all-new Blueberry Protein Pancakes are packed full of 16g of protein, are whole-grain, low-calorie, and contain zero added sugar. 

If you're looking to try them, don't hold out too long when they arrive (they'll be listed here) as this flavour is limited edition. 

Don't forget, here at Posted Protein you can also Pick & Mix every single flavour of Pancake and Cake that Nano ä offers by heading to this link.

Holding a nano ä Blueberry filled protein pancake | Posted Protein, UK