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Our Biggest Update Yet!

Our Biggest Update Yet!

Making Pick & Mixes Better Than Ever!

No more inventory issues, greater savings & an even greater selection that fits the values most important to you.

Today, we're reinventing Pick & Mix.


Why the change?

On the backend of the site, as we continue to grow, ensuring that inventory levels are always correct & continuing to offer a growing number of mixes has broken just about… well, everything.

Four weeks ago we made a huge investment into the tech that powers our site, committing to a new 2-year agreement to improve dramatically.

To say I was nervous to sign off on that would be an understatement. But the mission & driving force for PP has to always been “do the right thing” and focus our intentions long-term.

My goal has always been to build a platform that genuinely makes peoples lives better; to maximise health & longevity.

With that in mind, it made the decision easy. 

We’ve been quietly at work over the last four weeks putting this together. With many sleepless nights.


So what’s changed?

Initially, it may not look like too much. However, rather than Pick & Mix pages, you’ll now be able to add your desired quantity of singles straight from the product page.

Take Grenade Bars for example.

Now, rather than selecting 12 slots, we’re opening the choice up to you.

Head to the Grenade Carb Killa page, add a combination of any 12 bars & we’ll run the magic behind the scenes to automatically discount your bundle live in the cart.

Not just Grenade; we’ve managed to leapfrog past limitations & open up over 130+ Pick & Mix bundles for you thanks to this new system! This is HUGE.


But we didn’t stop there. Today we're officially introducing Mega Bundles.

This was something we rolled out in beta a few months ago. You could “Pick & Mix Any 12”.

We’re now making that easier than ever.

Add any 12 protein bars (or 12 flapjacks, or 12 cookies!) & we’ll run a Mega Bundle discount to take 10-25% off all items for you.


Any 12 Protein Bars – Save 10%
Any 12 Cookies – Save 10%
Any 12 Flapjacks – Save 25%


Customer Obsession.

Building PP for me meant doing it right.

Building something I could be proud to stand behind as it brought huge value to others.

Between me, Laura, Mike and the hundreds of others that have helped build Posted Protein into what it is over these last three years, we've invested so many hours & personally invested into the platform what others could quite easily deem insane.

But we're never done.

It's always day one.

The health field is one that continues to evolve & change so rapidly with every day that goes by. It's our job and our duty to support you for as long as we're possibly able. 

This is not a short-term road for us & myself, Laura & Mike are unbelievably grateful for your support.

We’re insanely excited to bring you this all new & improved Pick & Mix system!! Please do let us know what you think; this is your platform – if it’s not up to scratch, we want to know about it.

To your health!