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ZKK Labs takes flavour inspiration from classic British biscuit 🇬🇧

by Mike Williams July 15, 2019 1 min read

1 Comment

ZKK Labs takes flavour inspiration from classic British biscuit 🇬🇧

ZKK Labs is well versed in taking iconic popular food flavours and making them into delicious protein powder options. Having whipped up both Nutella and Bounty Bars in the recent past; in the coming weeks, they will turn their attention to a British classic, the Jammie Dodger, as there latest low carb and calorie protein powder flavour.

For those not in the know, the Jammie Dodger is a shortbread biscuit with a gooey, chewy raspberry or strawberry filling; with the consistency of, much like its name, of Jam. It's got to be right up there with one of the best biscuit choices around; a classic.

When this new flavour launches you can expect 35g protein, 2g carb with zero fat and a total of 198 calories in just one serving! 

Keep an eye out for this fantastic flavour offering making its debut in the coming weeks.

Don't forget! Visit the site for all your pick and mix protein needs.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams

1 Response


November 08, 2019

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