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Posted Protein

Pick & Mix - Any 12 Protein Bars

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Please note: due to the huge selection, it may take a second or two for the options above to load & check stock 🙌

The Complete Pick & Mix - Any 12 Protein Bars

We finally went ahead & did it! Introducing the latest & greatest way to pick & mix every single protein bar we have in stock!

You'll have us sprinting all over the warehouse in no time to pick your perfect selection, try out that new flavour & compile your ultimate selection of 12 bars from across our range!

Don't ever settle for buying one flavour of one bar from one brand ever again.

P.S. Not seeing a flavour you expect above? It's likely out of stock but always worth an ask (we're human & miss stuff too). If there's a brand we don't currently stock do contact us & we'll see if we can get it in ASAP.

Mix & Match Protein Bars From Our Top Brands:

  • Applied Nutrition - Indulgence Bars (including their new Vegan Bar!)
  • Barebells
  • Battle Bites
  • Battle Oats
  • Dedicated - Crisp Bars
  • FortiFx - Protein & Granola Bars
  • Fulfil - Protein & Vitamin Bars
  • Grenade - Carb Killa Bars
  • Macro Munch - Protein Bars (Bulk Powders)
  • Mars - Protein Bars
  • Mountain Joe's - Rocky Road Protein Bars
  • Muscle Moose - Beaver Bars
  • MusclePharm - Combat Crunch
  • MyVegan - Protein Bars (MyProtein)
  • Novo - Break Bars
  • Novo - Easy Bars
  • Novo - Protein Wafers
  • Nutramino - Indulge Bars
  • Nutramino - Nutra Go Bars
  • Nutramino - Wafers
  • Oatein Bars
  • Oh Yeah! - ONE Bars
  • Olimp - Protein Bars
  • ONE - Basix Bars
  • Optimum Nutrition - Protein Bars
  • Optimum Nutrition - Protein Crisp Bars
  • Optimum Nutrition - Protein Whipped Bites
  • Pandy
  • PhD - Diet Whey Bars
  • PhD - Smart Bars
  • PhD - Smart Plant Bars
  • Power Crunch Bars
  • Quest Bars
  • Quest Hero Bars
  • Snap Bars
  • Snickers Protein Bars
  • USN - Trust Crunch Bars
  • Warrior - Crunch Bars

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Grab a 10% discount on Pick & Mix subscriptions, and 5% on everything else when you subscribe.

Flexible Shipments

Full control is at your fingertips. Even once you're subscribed you can easily login & change your order frequency, the quantity, shipping method & so much more! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Really good service!

Appreciated the hand written thank you note and the price is good value for money when ordering bulk, great way to try out new bars!!


Great variety of products, great customer service and timely delivery. Loved the fact that they re-used a protein bar box for my 12 pick&mix bars.

Thank You from a PostedProtein Fan

I've ordered a few times from PostedProtein now and here's a few reasons why I keep coming back:
* I can order a mixed box to include any of the single bars available, I'm not limited to one type or brand
* Great range of protein bars available that you can't usually find in shops (however....I'll have to wait till next time for a Quest Hero Blueberry Cobbler bar...)
* You've now got individual MyProtein 6 Layer Bars in all four flavours (delicious)
* Great prices and there's an offer available almost every time
* Easy to order
* Information on the website is clear and easy to find (eg full nutritionals)
* I receive my packages really quickly! And the courier used for my area is the most reliable
* Love the personal notes that come along with my orders.

* There's so many protein bars to try I just can't get through them fast enough!

Cannot recommend highly enough!!!

Personal service is an understatement !! Love these guys and the selection of products is flawless. Thank you and keep smashing the glass ceiling


Over the moon with the pick and mix selection that no one else offers. I’m such a big market I am surprised no other company offers this, well unless it’s the second box you’re purchasing.
Selection was brilliant, meaning we have a more informed second order to make.