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What's The Plan?

The short version:

To become the UK’s best source for health & nutritional products. 

How? By treating our customers, employees, suppliers & vendors with the utmost respect & looking long-term. 

"Doing the right thing is always the right thing."

The extended version & our long-term plan:

We’re consumers just like you that started off purchasing Quest Bars directly from California and importing them into the UK, costing ourselves a small fortune in the process. We’re obsessed with the advancements being made in food, in supplementation & nutritional science as a whole. As more and more research continues to come out regarding the direct effects of diet on our health & wellbeing, we want to be at the forefront of it offering you the greatest range of products & resources available from across the globe right at your fingertips.

This will never be a company that cares about short-term revenue & profit margins. Yes, those things matter but not at the most macro level. This is about solving metabolic disease, investigating the role that nutrition plays in cancer & other diseases, about human longevity and about actually serving our customers. Long-term thinking.

We want to be the best version we can be. We want to be the best, and the nicest. Life’s too short for another company that doesn’t serve anything more than profits.

It's a bold target, but it's why we’re investing so much in our culture, our employees, our customer service, our relationships with our suppliers, our systems, our packaging, our shipping partners, our content, our educational material - in every single aspect of this business.

It matters to us that things are as near to perfect as they can be and that we'll alway, always be improving upon them to get them closer to that standard.

Current Features:

  • 2000+ products and an average of 50+ added every week.
  • A clean, simple & ad free shopping experience.
  • Shop & filter by values important to you: Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-GMO, Paleo, Raw & much, much more.
  • Real human powered customer service that’s genuinely fast. Our average response time on Facebook Messenger is 3 minutes. It's 6 hours across all platforms. 
  • Built for mobile. 70%+ of our visitors are on mobile devices; it only makes sense for us to serve them.
  • Shop our Instagram feed; no more frustrations when trying to find a mentioned product.
  • Facebook Messenger integration: live order updates through Messenger.
  • Pay with Debit, Credit, PayPal & Amazon Pay.
  • Transparent shipping costs. As a business, we're eligible for savings on shipping & we're passing those savings on to you. (From just £2.64 (UK))
  • Free UK Shipping on all orders £49+.
  • Shipping throughout the EU with myHermes & DPD.
  • Eco packaging: sustainably sourced & fully recyclable/biodegradable. Plus we recycle a huge amount of packaging that we receive from suppliers too.
  • Regular donations to charities both local & international in the food & health space. 
  • Check out using your email or mobile number.
  • Live SMS notifications & updates on your order as they happen.
  • Certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant (the same level as banks) to ensure the security of your customer data.
  • We're obsessed with our customers!

Learn more about how we're growing. (Link here soon!)

What We're Working On:

  • 10,000+ products: organised, easy to search, available in singles to Mix & Match. (Ongoing)
  • Help Centre: we love hearing from you, but we also know that sometimes you want immediate answers. (Oct 2018)
  • Product subscriptions: never run out. (Nov 2018)
  • Search by 72+ values. (Late 2018) 
  • Pay with Apple Pay in Safari. (Late 2018)
  • Full tracked Global Shipping. (Late 2018) (Already available in the EU)
  • Free & fast returns. (2019)
  • Going Carbon Neutral using CO2 Analytics to tie directly into our accounting software & instantly calculate our impact. Subsequently partnering with  Climate Care. (Dec 2018)
  • 24-hour customer service. (Late 2018)
  • UberRUSH delivery. (2019)
  • Postmates delivery. (2019)
  • Mobile iOS App. (2019)
  • Pay in your local currency wherever you’re shopping from in the world (no fees). (Late 2018)

Want to see some of these sooner? Let us know what's important to you & we'll reprioritise!