Posted Protein Affiliate Program

At Posted Protein, we realise the lengths you go to to help us grow through word of mouth.

Because of this, we treat our affiliates with as much care as we treat our customers. Highlights of our affiliate program are:

  • Get 5% commission when customers purchase using your referral link
  • 30 day cookie - you get credit for any orders within 30 days of the original click placed by the customer
  • Average order size of nearly £40
  • Exclusive monthly newsletters with special promotions, content, codes and upcoming products that you can adapt for your own marketing efforts.
  • Custom coupon code to share with friends - they save 5% off their first order. Plus, we'll use your coupon code to associate the sale with you: perfect for Instagram & Pinterest.


For more info on how to join the program, click here.


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Coupon Code Help

In addition to tracking sales using your referral link, we will also track sales to your coupon codes.

Anytime a customer uses one of these coupon codes; the system will automatically credit your account for that order.

(You'll set up a coupon code during registration. Forgot to? Contact us to get yours.)


Referring Existing Customers

So a customer used your code to get 5% off their first order. Awesome! But how do you keep earning when you recommend another product to them in the future?

Any time they use your referral link you'll earn 5% commission again. Now we realise on the likes of Instagram that means directing them to the single link in your bio which you may or may not want to us just for Posted Protein. Plus, you need to incentivize them to click it.

We recommend checking out the following services to help direct your followers to your content - it's the same strategy we use to sell thousands of products from our feed!

  • - FREE
    Use Snapppt to add product links, links to your blog or anything else you can think of straight from your IG photos. Best of all? It's 100% free.


Direct Customers To A Product

Your referral link will take people to the homepage. Let's take it a step further. 

  1. Login to your affiliate account, and select "Create link to a specific page". 
  2. Copy & paste the URL of the product from that you want to share. 
  3. Click "Create Link".
  4. Walla! A specific product URL that will also give you credit for sharing.