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Moose Juice Extreme Energy is a sparkling energy drink with added BCAAs and B-Vitamins.

Low calorie, zero fat and zero sugar – Moose Juice is your new best friend for an energy boost without the crash. Whenever you need an energy pick-me-up, just get a boost from the Moose!

Carbonated Water, D-Glucutonolactone, BCAA 2:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Pyridoxine HCI (Vit. B6), Niacinamide (Niacin), Choline Bitartrate, Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12), Folic Acid PWD, Natural & Artificial Flavour, Malic Acid, Citric Acid (Preservative), Sucralose, Acesulfame K.

ALLERGENS: Not recommended for those sensitive to caffeine, children or if pregnant.

Nutritional Per 100ml
%RI* Per 100ml Per 500ml Can
%RI* Per 500ml
Energy 12kJ/3kcal 0% 63kJ/15kcal 0%
Fat 0g 0% 0g 0%
- of which saturates 0g 0% 0g 0%
Carbohydrates 0.33g 1% 1.67g 1%
- of which sugars 0g 0% 0g 0%
Protein 0.44g 1% 2.2g 4%
Salt 0g 0%  0g 0%
Folic Acid 80μg 40% 400μg 200%
Niacin 6mg 38% 30mg 188%
Vitamin B6** 8mg 571% 40mg 2857%
Vitamin B12 100μg 4000% 500μg 20000%


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Hannah Drummond H.D. Hannah D.
Muscle Moose

Great service from posted protein. Super quick delivery, and the personalised note enclosed was a great touch! Haven't tried product yet, as it is a filler present for someone else. However, the product was delivered and packaged in fantastic order!

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